About Us

Hot Water Cornbread is a family owned and operated restaurant in Houston, TX since 2014.  A visionary restaurant pushing the boundaries of ingredients and flavors to the traditional soul-food menu.  Built on decades of Southern values dating back to 1919, Hot Water Cornbread offers a proper version of the traditional home-cooked meals executed with precise techniques and recipes passed down from generation to generation. Our family-style seasonal southern cuisine is locally focused. This allows us to prioritize on utilizing farm fresh ingredients for an unparalleled tasting experience.

The Right Way To Eat

Hot water cornbread is a mixture of cornmeal and water cooked on top of a skillet in cooking oil (coconut oil) and served complimentary with all orders.

We don’t sacrifice taste for health, we believe eating healthy is the way to a flourishing life.  Hot Water Cornbread prides itself on showing our customers the right way to eat while enjoying every bite!


Our Clean Kitchens

Our team, who consist of dedicated family members, will be working hard for your trust to our menu choices. From proper food handling practices to our time tested recipes allow Hot Water Cornbread to prepare a safe and authentic taste of the South!

For optimum food safety, we keep our kitchens clean:

  • Hand Washing
  • Sanitation
  • Sterilization
  • Cross Contamination Elimination

Healthy Ingredients

Hot Water Cornbread prides itself on its commitment to sourcing ingredients that are organic and sustainable without sacrificing the amazing taste of our southern menu.

From pastured raised local beef, turkey and chicken to organic vegetables and the best agriculture practices. Hot Water Cornbread doesn’t take the short route, everything is home made from scratch and no ingredients are frozen, processed or unnatural.

We believe our customers deserve the very best in quality foods!

Quality Food Ingredients
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